How To Choose Drones For Photographers

Drones are remotely piloted aircraft, this means that they are controlled by a pilot who is not on board, but who is able to manage the device from the ground. These remotely piloted aircraft ( APR ) include various models, the use of which can be for recreational purposes or for professional use. Initially designed for military purposes, but are now considered ideal tools in emergency services.

Features To Consider

Drones are characterized by different requirements, which affect the type of use. They are made up of very advanced technologies, given that in addition to the propellers they are also supplied by gyroscopes, compasses, accelerometers, and GPS, but also by motors, speed controllers, the radio wave receiver, and, often, also cameras and video cameras. Drones in photography and video represent the ideal tool if you want to be sure that the photographic work is carried out in an optimal way. Now let’s see what are the main characteristics of drones.

1. Dimensions And Weight Of A Drone

Size and weight are the first features to take into account. The weight of the drones represents a distinctive character, aimed at influencing the authorizations for the flight, it must be remembered that there is a strict regulation drawn up by the ENAC which places indisputable limitations on the use of these devices. If their weight is less than 250-300 grams, there are no restrictions; and if the weight is between 250 and 500 grams, the drone must comply with the relevant regulations. From 1 January 2021, a license will be required to fly a drone weighing more than 250 grams. 

If we will use it only for recreational purposes, it is always advisable to opt for small and light models both in relation to their lower cost and for greater manageability. So it is a good idea to approach the world of drones by purchasing one with small dimensions and rather lightweight. Therefore, it should be remembered that aircraft with 4 or 6 propellers weigh between 1 and 2 kilos, while professional ones can weigh up to 10-12 kilos.

2. Flight Autonomy

Most drones have an autonomy of 10 to 30 minutes of flight, which depends on their recharge.
The professional ones obviously can fly longer as they are equipped with a more powerful battery. To fix this limitation, it was recommended to move towards models equipped with interchangeable batteries. In this way we will be able to easily replace them when they are discharged, to be able to use the appliance for a certain time. However, it must be noted that the better the autonomy time guaranteed by a battery, the greater its weight will be to the detriment of the drone’s handling.

3. Camera

One of the most widespread uses of drones is related to their function in the photographic and video sector. Precisely, they are used in this field to work. Usually, in professional, but also semi-professional drones, the integrated cameras offer significantly different performances. Be that as it may, this varies according to their cost and therefore it is advisable not to aim only for savings at the time of purchase. Indeed, we will have to evaluate the quality/price ratio. We will have to understand what the resolution of the device is and which one we will need if, for example, it will have to be VGA, 4K, or Full HD. 

We will have to evaluate the type of stabilization we need, it derives from the presence of shock absorbers capable of absorbing vibrations. Usually, the cameras in professional and technically perfected drones are equipped with Gimba l, a tool that helps to keep them aligned with their axis, in order to guarantee the maximum stability of the images shot. The more expensive models will allow you to control the camera independently.

4. Maximum Height And Distance

The ENAC has established extremely precise regulations regarding the flight methods of drones, however, every year, these regulations undergo a change to which it is essential to refer to avoid heavy penalties. When buying a drone, even for business purposes, we should know that each device is characterized by height and maximum distance values, which refer to its operating conditions. A factor that must always be taken into consideration is the maximum distance between the appliance and other similar or obstacles of any kind.

5. DJI Leader In The Construction Of Drones

DJI brand ( Dajang Innovation Technology ) is a technology company that was founded in 2006 in Shenzhen China, it has spread many factories all over the world, mainly specializing in producing unmanned aerial vehicles. Obviously, we are talking about drones for video shooting and aerial photography. In recent years, DJI has produced excellent accessories for video recording on the go. The company currently controls over 70% of the market in this sector, mainly thanks to the continuous technical innovations of its products, which are considered by all consumers to be the best available on the market. The DJI FPV digital system has been specifically designed for the design of professional and recreational drone piloting. It consists of an air unit, a camera, a headset, and a radio controller equipped with powerful features and developed to support FPVHD transmission. Not all brands have this top feature.

6. Photography In The Drone

Surely the best product on the market is part of the DJI Phantom series, it is produced by DJI precisely, this is a stabilized four-engine drone. This device is capable of reaching 600-700 meters away. It manages to fly for about 20-25 minutes and is equipped with a camera equipped with a 14-megapixel 1/2.3” CMOS sensor, coupled with a lens with f/2.8 and an equivalent focal length of 24mm. Features a GoPro camera. It turns out to be a very compact and light device, but lacks in quality compared to reflex cameras but also to most of the advanced compact cameras. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great photos, the fact is in finding the right compromise between quality and spectacularity.


Therefore, to summarize the discussion on drones, we can say that in the vast variety of drones currently available on the market, those produced by the DJI brand are confirmed as an ideal choice both from the point of view of functional performance, for those who need to use them in the photographic field, going to respond to excellent quality standards, also for the excellent quality/price ratio. Clearly, in drones, as in any technology, there is always a continuous update of technological performance.

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